Many residents have raised the issue of broadband connectivity with me. Without the NBN, many relatively new dwellings will not have broadband access.

We need to send a strong message to the Turnbull Government that our area deserves better.

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In the modern digital economy, a good quality internet connection is essential for business, education, health and a variety of other ever-expanding possibilities. But we see that large parts of Werriwa are still missing out.

The Australian Digital Inclusion Index 2016 showed that South Western Sydney continues to lag behind the rest of the city on all measures with a score of 53.9, compared to an average of 57.5 for the whole city. This score is particularly a refelection of poorer performance of our area on measures relating to ability and affordability.

A major cause of the issues in South Western Sydney is the quality of infrastructure in a number of relatively recent suburbs, which is such that the telephone exchanges are unable to sustain the number of high quality broadband connections required to satisfy the rapidly growing demands of the region.

Having a limited number of providers available in our area means that many household don't get a choice when it comes to selecting their broadband provider, and tht's if they even have an ADSL connection available. What this means is that many families and businesses in our region are left with fewer choices, meaning they end up with a connection that is slower and more expensive, representing far worse value for money than other metropolitan regions can access.

As one of the most rapidly growing urban areas in the country, South Western Sydney deserves first rate internet access.