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If Melbourne Airport deserves rail, so does Badgerys Creek

May 11, 2017

Today, Paul Fletcher MP, the Federal Liberal Minister for Urban Infrastructure, made a strong and robust case for the need to connect Melbourne’s Airport to the CBD.

Yet despite arguing that rail is critical to the functioning of an airport, the Turnbull Government still refuses to commit to building a rail line to Badgerys Creek Airport when it first opens.

Anne Stanley MP said “if it is critical that airports be connected by public transport to the cities they service, then how can the Liberals still refuse to build a rail line to Badgerys Creek that is ready from day one?”

“If the airport does not work for locals, it simply becomes another massive imposition on the residents of South-Western Sydney by a Liberal Member of Parliament who lives on Sydney’s upper North Shore.”

Federal Member for Macarthur, Dr Mike Freelander, also pointed out the hypocrisy of the Liberals making the case for delivering a rail line to service Melbourne’s airport, while neglecting the people of South-Western Sydney.

“Badgerys Creek should be serviced by proper infrastructure from the start of its operation.”

“That means a functioning fuel line so that our roads do not become congested with fuel tankers, and a heavy rail link so that it’s possible to access the airport quickly and affordably.”

“Let’s put their regurgitated sets of facts and figures about the benefits of the airport aside for one moment – the airport is in Western Sydney, the place where we live and work.

“Many of us have accepted it because of the jobs and amenities it promises to bring, but simply dumping an airport on our region without proper infrastructure will do nothing to improve the fortunes of South-Western Sydney.”

“Anne Stanley MP and I both call on the Federal Government to heed the advice of their Urban Infrastructure Minister and build a rail link to Badgerys Creek that is ready from day one.”