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Internet access still poor in parts of Werriwa

September 13, 2016

During the election campaign one of the main issues that was constantly raised was the lack of proper ADSL Internet in the electorate, particularly in the suburbs of Hoxton Park and West Hoxton.

Since becoming the Member for Werriwa, I have found that Internet connectivity is one of the main issues my office deals with. 

In this day and age I find it absolutely appalling that residents of Werriwa cannot access a decent Internet connection without paying exorbitant amounts and even then Internet connectivity is unattainable to many.  New Housing Estates are being erected and many do not have access to a decent Internet service.

Pockets of the electorate are forced to subscribe to Telstra as they are the only carrier offering an ADSL Internet service in some suburbs.  This in turn gives people no competition choice, and residents are then forced to subscribe to a service they might not necessarily be able to afford.

Given today’s society where people are running home businesses, school assessments are submitted online, study research is vital the residents of Werriwa are at a disadvantage.

The NBN was supposed to fix most of these issues.  When Malcolm Turnbull became Communications Minister he mocked Labors NBN rollout calling it the Rolls Royce option.  Mr Turnbull insisted that by 2016 the project would be mostly completed and delivering 25 Mbps. 

Now the NBN network isn't expected to be finished until the year 2020 and has suffered blow out costs of millions of dollars.  This means that the project will be completed only a year earlier than Labor’s more superior option of fibre to the premises instead of the coalitions fibre to the node.  

If you are experiencing problems with your internet or are unable to connect to a provider you can telephone my office on (02) 9829 7477 for assistance.