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Anne Stanley MP welcomes commitment to airport rail from day one

March 06, 2018

Anne Stanley MP welcomed the announcement of the Western City Deal and with it the Turnbull Government’s recognition that a Twenty First Century Airport should be serviced by heavy rail from day one.

“Labor has had a longstanding commitment to ensuring that a heavy rail connection to the airport would be operational from day one, so it is pleasing to see that the Government has finally listened to the community on this issue”, said Ms Stanley.

Labor understands that mass transit will be vital to the success of the airport from day one, which is why Labor committed to begin work immediately on rail links to the airport ahead of the 2016 election, with a further commitment to jumpstarting work made in April last year.

Labor remains committed to ensuring that locals in South Western Sydney will not have to put up with congestion caused by the airport, with access to heavy rail transport options from the day it opens.

Ms Stanley raised concerns over the prioritisation of a rail link with the congested T1 Western to the north over links with the rapidly grown areas to the south of the airport.

“I am disappointed to see that the deal does not prioritise the links that my community have told me they want, to areas in the South West in desperate need of better transport infrastructure and access to jobs. I am concerned that the wording of this deal appears to commit only to further investigating these vital links to the growing South West region, which effectively consigns these connections to a pipe dream”.

“Roads and mass transit in our region are already approaching capacity with existing growth. The additional strain that the airport and associated development around the Aerotropolis will generate requires us to act today.”