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Budget 2018 – Big business wins, Werriwa loses

May 09, 2018

Last night, many Werriwa residents were hoping for something better from Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison. But this government has continued with the cuts of the past five years and delivered another unfair budget.

Unfortunately, locals in South West Sydney have been dudded again.

This unfair budget:

  • Fails the fairness test for pensioners – with cuts to the energy supplement, costing pensioners $14 a fortnight, and forcing people to keep working until they are 70.
  • Fails the fairness test for older Australians –  provides just 14,000 new in-home aged care packages over four years, while the waiting list currently sits at 105,000. Worse still this is not new funding, these places are coming from the existing aged care budget, impacting older Australians in residential aged care.
  • Fails the fairness test on Medicare – Mr Turnbull’s freeze on the rebate for specialists means Australians will pay even more when they visit the doctor.
  • Fails the fairness test on hospitals – Mr Turnbull’s cuts mean Australians will be stuck on hospital waiting lists for longer.
  • Fails the fairness test on trades – with $270 million in new cuts to TAFE.
  • Fails the fairness test on schools – Mr Turnbull is still cutting $17 billion from schools.
  • Fails on infrastructure – Mr Turnbull has not directed a single additional dollar towards building new infrastructure.

Put simply, this budget continues to give to the top end of town and take from the services that people in Werriwa rely on.

Even on “big” infrastructure announcements, last night’s budget come up short. In March Mr Turnbull said he would invest in a Western Sydney Rail line to Badgerys Creeks as part of his Western Sydney City Deal. But last night’s Budget included no money to build the railway line, just $50 million to prepare a business case.

“Even when the Turnbull Government sets us up for big things, we’re met with another huge disappointment. This Liberal Government is long on talk but fails to deliver for locals in South West Sydney," said Anne Stanley, Federal Member for Werriwa.

"This budget not only delivers more of the same cuts, but brings new cuts too. It is simply unfair,” said Ms Stanley.