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Community Language Schools

February 18, 2019

Anne Stanley MP welcomes the announcement that a Shorten Labor Government will invest an extra $8 million in community language schools. Werriwa is home to numerous Community Language schools that have been teaching children the language of their homeland for decades.

Not only is it beneficial to a child's education to learn a second language; it also ensures that younger generations can speak to their grandparents and better understand their culture and traditions.
Currently, community language schools teach mostly school age children.  But the younger someone starts learning another language, the easier it is to pick up.  That’s why we’ll help more community language schools open up their classes to pre-schoolers as well as school age children. 
Grants of up to $25,000 per school will allow language programs to be expanded to preschool children.  The grants could also go towards the costs of setting up a new school, better teacher training, or classroom resources. 
Community language schools have been operating in Australia for more than 150 years.  There are now about 700 community language schools across the country, teaching around 100,000 students in over 80 languages.

Quotes attributable to Anne Stanley MP: 

  • "Education experts agree that learning a second language is beneficial for children's brain development."
  • "These schools allow children to connect to their ancestry and culture, and communicate with older relatives."
  • "This is a positive and welcome initiative that will equip the next generation with the skills to succeed in an increasingly interconnected and global economy."