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Freelander & Stanley – New GP after hours clinic opens, but won't be co-located with the hospital

March 02, 2018

The South West Sydney PHN today issued a media release stating that both the Campbelltown and Liverpool after hours medical care will be opening, this is after the sudden closure of the after hours GP clinics over the Christmas break.

Dr Mike Freelander says: “While it is good news that the community will again have access to an afterhours GP clinic, however moving the clinic away from the hospital will not ease the increase of patients in the emergency department.”

Anne Stanley says: “I obviously welcome the announcement, but I am deeply concerned about the location of the new clinic in Moorebank. It will now be on the eastern side of the river and is no longer easily accessible by public transport. I am worried the clinic is being set up to fail.”

The previous after-hours clinics were co-located at both Campbelltown and Liverpool hospital. It is much harder for after-hours clinics to take pressure off the emergency departments when the clinics are no-where near the ED.

Dr Mike Freelander says: “Having an after-hours clinic co-located is far more beneficial; the new location of the clinic is not near the hospital and therefore will not reduce pressure on the emergency department.”

“The great benefit of having co-location is enabling nurses and doctors to refer patients to the after-hours clinic and leave the emergency department for emergencies.”

Anne Stanley says “Having the After Hours Clinic connected to a Hospital allowed Emergency Departments to refer patients to the GP, and likewise the GP could easily send patients with serious issues to the Hospital.”