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Labor's Plan to Improve the NBN in Werriwa

April 15, 2019

Anne Stanley MP, Federal Member for Werriwa today welcomed the announcement that a Shorten Labor Government will end six years of Liberal chaos with a responsible plan to improve the National Broadband Network (NBN).  
Under Labor's plan, up to 2,900 households in Werriwa will benefit from our improvements.  

·         Problematic in-home wiring (between telephone sockets in the home) can cause interference to NBN signals in Fibre to the Node households. 

·         This interference reduces signal quality to the modem, which in turn causes dropouts and slower speeds. 

NBNCo have undertaken a trial which found fixing the in-home cabling improved reliability, reduced dropouts and improved attainable speeds by an average of 11 megabits per second. 

·         It currently costs $150 for households to have this problem fixed because it does not fall within the responsibility of either the NBN or the retail provider. 

·         This issue is estimated to impact up to 1 in 5 households who have Fibre to the Node connections. 


·         Under our plan, NBNCo will work with retail providers to fix these problems at no cost to the end user. 

·         NBN can remotely identify which homes are impacted and which are not. 

·         If a Fibre to the Node household is identified by NBNCo as having a problem, a technician will be offered to fix the problem at no cost, with the consumers consent. 

·         This could benefit up to 1 in 5 households on Fibre to the Node, including up to 2,900 households in Werriwa. 

Quotes attributable to Anne Stanley MP:   

·         "I welcome this announcement. Households in Werriwa deserve a network that is both affordable and reliable."   

·         "I have been working for the past three years to improve the poor speeds of the NBN in Werriwa"  

·         "Labor's policy to improve NBN performance will provide long overdue relief for a number of my constituents."