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Werriwa HFC Households NBN Limbo - 1 Year Anniversary

December 05, 2018

One year ago this week, NBNCo broke news of the HFC rollout halt with a mind bending press release that was entitled:

“NBN Co takes customer experience improvement program to new levels”

Fact: The reliability problems with the HFC network have cost taxpayers $900 million and delayed NBN access for up to 2 million households.

Fact: The latest NBN weekly report indicates 1.3 million premises in ‘NBN ready’ areas are still not able to order a service.

Fact: The appalling delays in NBN rollout continue to disproportionately impact householders in Werriwa. 

Fact: Despite the passage of twelve months the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government’s HFC rollout remains nothing short of a national embarrassment:

  • The abandonment of the Optus network in 2016, and the halt of the remaining HFC rollout in November 2017.
  • A $900 million hit to taxpayers as a result of the November 2017 HFC halt.
  • ACMA research reporting consumers on HFC are five times more likely to complain than consumers on FTTP, and 3.6 times more likely to experience a fault.
  • NBNCo reliability data reporting the average HFC connection experiences 30 times more network downtime relative to an FTTP connection.
  • A Government which only met 6 per cent of its own HFC rollout target in the NBN Strategic Review.
  • The build cost of HFC increasing by 64 per cent since 2015.

 Just as he has failed to explain why he betrayed Turnbull, Mitch Fifield needs to explain why he rejected the proposal from Bill Morrow to dump the entire HFC network and instead deploy Fibre to the Curb.
Constituents in my electorate of Werriwa are disproportionately impacted by these delays.
Areas like Austral and Kemps Creek have had their NBN rollout pushed out from a July start date to an October start date. This means residents will be waiting even longer for decent internet speeds.
In some areas, like Bonnyrigg Heights, residents will be waiting until January 2020 for NBN availability in their home.
Anne Stanley, Federal member for Werriwa said “Once again, the extended wait times for NBN rollout mean that Werriwa residents miss out.” Ms Stanley added “These promises made by the government have not been fulfilled and have left residents waiting for a second rate network.”