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Werriwa worse off under Malcolm Turnbull's $22 billion cut to schools

May 24, 2017

The Member for Werriwa, Anne Stanley, says Werriwa schools will be worse off under Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals schools policy which rips $22 billion out of schools.

It shows just how out of touch Malcolm Turnbull is that he’s ripping $22 billion from schools to pay for his $50 billion big business tax cut.

Ripping $22 billion from schools is an average of $2.4 million cut from every school, or like sacking 22,000 teachers.

In Werriwa, schools will lose over $28 million.

In NSW, schools will lose over $842 million.

Labor invests in education because we believe there's nothing better for our society, or our economy, than well educated, well trained Australians in good, well paid jobs.

Great schools are not just good for individual schoolkids, they are vital for our economy too.

Schools in Werriwa have seen firsthand the benefits of additional school funding. Lurnea High School, for example, has been able to provide support for students with special needs through innovative courses and speech pathology.