Invictus Games Update

December 05, 2018

I have spoken in this place before about Andrew Wilkinson and his excellent results in the recent Invictus Games. It was a pleasure to catch up with Andrew in my electorate office last month, to see his impressive medal haul and to meet his travelling companion, Able Seaman Miller. Able Seaman Miller is one of 10 Anzac bears given to the athletes to promote some of Australia's World War I heroes with theschoolchildren. Andrew took photos of the bear on the podium and at his events, and he will eventually be given to one of the local schools in my area.

Also to welcome Invictus Games participants, Pauline James, State President of the RSL New South WalesAuxiliaries, presented quilts and laundry bags to all Invictus Games athletes. Originally the auxiliary group project asked for 550 Australian-themed laundry bags. They received 1,360. They asked for 25 quilts and received 72. Then they asked for 1,256 yellow poppies. They stopped counting after 8,000. Each participating country was given a quilt, along with Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex. This project brought ladies from across Australia together to make these beautiful quilts and laundry bags. Blue Hills Retirement Village in my electorate made 800 of the yellow poppies. The beautiful quilts that are left over from this project for the Invictus Games are going to be used in the RSL Auxiliary's 'thank you for your service' quilts. One of the most special parts of the Invictus Games is how the event has brought Australians together like this. It is incredibly special, and I hope it serves as a reminder to those who serve that Australia is grateful for their service and is always willing to get behind our veterans.