NBN Survey

This year, Australia's digital infrastructure has been critical to ensuring our economy and society continue to function as efficiently as the pandemic will allow.

Videoconferencing has enabled businesses to maintain their operations as much as possible, while it has also allowed family members and friends to keep in touch and check on one another. I have even joined volunteer ceremonies by virtual link. However, sectors of our community have been badly let down by our substandard National Broadband Network.

With the latest global internet speed ratings in January 2020 pushing Australia further down the list to No. 68, we have slower internet speeds than Kazakhstan. In fact, many constituents now resort to 4G mobile connections for their home internet services because the NBN is slow and unreliable.

The people of Werriwa have voiced their concerns to me about the quality of their NBN service. Many people have expressed to me their struggle to study, do business or work from home with inferior internet connections. 

I would like to know about your experience with the NBN so that I may better represent you and your family in Federal Parliament. Fill out the survey below.