Liverpool City Council

25 February 2020


The majority of the Liverpool City Council falls within the boundary of the electorate of Werriwa. The council has had a chequered history: ICAC raids, four CEOs in eight years, police being called to council meetings and industrial unrest. The election of Mayor Wendy Waller and the appointment of Kiersten Fishburn as CEO in 2016 put that to bed.

Under this new leadership, Liverpool has experienced unprecedented growth and reform, emerging as Sydney's third CBD. It is recognised in both public and private sectors as a progressive, transparent, accountable and forward-thinking council. Ms Fishburn and her team have led important conversations on the future of the region: the airport and the aerotropolis, the Liverpool Innovation Precinct and the Fifteenth Avenue Smart Transit. The budget position is strong and it has won numerous accolades, including the Committee for Sydney Smart City Award three years running.

I am disappointed to advise the House that this may all be derailed. Some councillors appear to be putting their personal short-term electoral aspirations ahead of the community they were elected to serve. They have chosen not to endorse or renew the CEO's contract. They have forgotten the chaos, division and dysfunction that marked previous terms of Liverpool council. The people of Liverpool do not need to be dragged back to the bad old days. They deserve better and Kiersten Fishburn should be reappointed.