Werriwa Volunteers

03 September 2020


I rise to acknowledge and praise all the volunteers in the electorate of Werriwa. As in previous years, I planned to hold a thankyou morning tea during National Volunteer Week in May. Due to COVID, of course, that was not possible. Thankfully, I was able to acknowledge our volunteers via social media. Each awardee was acknowledged with a certificate and a letter of congratulations that were sent to them. Their stories have left a lasting impression, as have their heroics and humility. They are a wonderful set of people.

Among the groups that were awarded a Werriwa volunteer award were the Middleton Grange and Casula fire brigades. They worked all through the bushfire season, working closely with the Horsley Park brigade, who tragically lost two of their members fighting the fires. Awardees were recognised for their effort also during the COVID-19 pandemic. Groups like Turbans 4 Australia, who provided food and goods during the fires, continued to do that during the COVID lockdown.

I congratulate all the Werriwa volunteers, especially the recipients of the 2020 Werriwa volunteer awards, and thank them for their contribution. I look forward to awarding and speaking to volunteers in person next year, after COVID.